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Driving back from Montana in 2005

Again, just had the new camera in 2005 and on the drive back home had an ominous cloud cover that really made for some dramatic lighting. This is the latest one I’ve printed out and framed up at my house – looks pretty good.img_0357a__b21какой производитель ноутбуков лучшеrent houses miamiкупить ноутбук с матовым экраномизготовление паркетной доски24optionдуховный центр возрождение

View Over The Pacific From Maui, Hawaii

Another piece off the backside of Road to Hana in Maui, Hawaii. It was tough to get an angle that didn’t have too much light in it as the sun was right in the lens.img_1730_hana-backside2a_bрецепты вкусного борщакупить apple ipad air 2escorts istanbulукладка ламината стоимость работсервис определения позицийhttp://www.word4you.ru/historical_review/6789/

The “Shoe Tree” Near Shaniko, Oregon

Although the “shoe tree” may not be its official name, this bizarre looking, shoe-decorated dead tree stands just ten yards from U.S. 97 highway shoulder, exactly at milepost 53 just north of Shaniko, OR. We breezed past it pretty fast, but make a quick stop to turn around.

Funny story – I was with Heather and the little ladies, and these 3 tough guys got out of their car and started walking towards our car as I was out jumping the fence to get a closer look at the tree. I kinda started heading back towards our car to see what was up and apparently all the wanted was a snap. Paranoia I guess…img_5040_1-shoe-tree-near-shaniko-color

Mount Haleakala Maui, Hawaii

A snap at the top of Haleakala in Maui before we started the bike ride down through – if I recall, we didn’t have to pedal all that much to go down 10 miles.
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