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The Shoe Tree Near Shaniko OR, 2008

I had to throw in the colorless (mostly) version of THIS photo.  I really love the starkness it causes and gives off a bit of eeriness.  I thought this a better shot than then one of used underwear next to it.img_5041_0-shoe-tree-near-shaniko950

Gas Pump Over Columbia River

A lone gas pump in Biggs, Oregon that is no longer in operation – wished the numbers could have come out a little clearer. I remember this was a stopping point a lot for baseball trips in school, but never really walked around to see what I could find (nor had a camera I guess either though).img_5004_2_3_gas-pump-over-columbia-river

The “Shoe Tree” Near Shaniko, Oregon

Although the “shoe tree” may not be its official name, this bizarre looking, shoe-decorated dead tree stands just ten yards from U.S. 97 highway shoulder, exactly at milepost 53 just north of Shaniko, OR. We breezed past it pretty fast, but make a quick stop to turn around.

Funny story – I was with Heather and the little ladies, and these 3 tough guys got out of their car and started walking towards our car as I was out jumping the fence to get a closer look at the tree. I kinda started heading back towards our car to see what was up and apparently all the wanted was a snap. Paranoia I guess…img_5040_1-shoe-tree-near-shaniko-color

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