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Miriam’s 5th Birthday Party

Took a few snaps at Miriam’s 5th birthday party before we went to Montana. Everyone was pretty happy at the fiesta and I think I really got a good one at the start here of Hannah’s pirate eye. The cats and dogs even got a few photos-worth in here! Happy 5th Miriam!

Begging Kids in Mumbai, India – 2003

They had us right where they wanted us.  Marty, Akshay and I had just come from an ATM machine so we couldn’t use the ol’ standby of “we don’t have any cash”.  I’m sure that was in their playbooks.  A good tactic, and we’re certainly suckers for kids.  We didn’t want to just give them money as a lot of times they just take it to someone else.  We figured they’d like some food so we took them into one of the coffee shops and got them some donuts.  Their eyes got pretty wide when we went in.

The shopkeeper tried to kick them out as he knew they were just begging, but we told him to let them stay and they picked out some big donuts.  Here’s a shot of Marty in the shop with the kids.

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