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The Hoover Dam Stops the Colorado River

They really had better technology than you’d think back in the 1920s. 88 people died in the building of the Hoover Dam. Think about that today? If something in the US was being built and had 88 deaths? I was thinking about that the other day – not being rude to the dead, but think about it today if just 1 or 2 people died during a building. How about the reaction after 20 people, but 88? Might get sticky. I tip my hat to the men and women that built the dam for sure. It’s a massive, amazing, modern marvel.

As far as the shot, Heather wasn’t as impressed with the trip as I was – interesting to note the 40 foot drop in water level above the dam. The water can make for some good color variations both on dry land and through the water – a nice polarizer will dim the heavy reflections that the sun brings in across the water…
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