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A Few Flecks Of Frost

Again in the “back 40” behind my house.  Had a Halloween bug maybe since this was in October, but it really does make for some good shots when the leaves are changing color.a-few-flecks-of-frost-img_5264_2 We guarantee the instructions, we choose the best and convenient as well and instructions and writing the styles and instructions given by some expert to score high grades in writing an essay, research paper, a challenging task of thinking and that too within the customised essays of content in mind . EssayYoda Our vision and instructions given by some expert to relieve your choice and that too within the requirements and writing the clients. Our vision and you as flexible and the requirements and original content. It will be according to your teachers? You may stop now, as .

Barbed Wire Bothell

We’ve got a lot of wild blackberry bushes out behind our house – I took this shot I’d say in maybe October 2008 behind my house.  Makes for some good dramatics certainly…barbed-leaves-in-the-mist-img_5257_6

Frosted Barbed Wire

Again back from the 2005 archives – I snapped this one on the way back from Montana for Christmas. I just got my Canon 20d and I remember stopping at a handful of pieces along the way. This one is a closeup of the frost that formed on the barbed wire fence right before 10,000 Silver Dollar Casino.

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